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Studiomaster started in 1976 as RSD (Recording Studio Design) and one of the first British companies to build high powered sound reinforcement amplifiers with studio quality specifications.

The RSD 800B, was a robust amplifier with 800 watts per channel - England's answer to the USA's Phase Linear 400, and Australia's Jands J300S. RSD was unable to keep up with demand for their 800B, as it became the amp of choice for all the great British and Euro bands of the 70s and 80s, including Pink Floyd.

The company kept on developing ground breaking new products, introducing the first compact monitor console and one of the first 8-buss home recording mixing desks, designed to operate with the new breed of eight-track home recording tape machines. It was this – the Studiomaster 16–8 – that heralded the change of company name and the move to a new factory in the town of Luton where it remained for many years. Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, the their R&D department produced a string of innovative products, continually making available features and technologies, previously the preserve of big recording studios or millionaire musicians, to bands and songwriters just starting out.

Among them were the first four buss mixers, designed as sub-mixers for the new breed of keyboard bands, with their racks of synths, sequencers and drum machines, and for four-track bedroom recordists. It was the ‘invention’ of the powered mixer however, that would be the next big success story and become the ‘signature’ Studiomaster product class.

The Studiomaster 8–2 married the two things the company did better than anyone else – a compact portable professional mixer with integrated power amplification; in this case separate left, right and monitor channel amplification. Effectively a PA system in a box, it only needed wiring up to speaker cabinets. The powered mixer was a gift to gigging musicians, small venues and rehearsal studios the world over.

Along with more firsts like MIDI automation featured home recording desks and  preset operable digital effects processors, the company continued its growth and mass market domination of the music technology industry.

Today Studiomaster is not only a sound industry legend, it remains a UK based pro-audio engineering and manufacturing company, under the ownership of the Soundking Group, among the largest musical equipment and professional audio manufacturers in China. While retaining its product development and engineering activities, and strategic management and distribution functions at its Milton-Keynes head quarters in the UK, it has access to investment and mass production facilities via its parent company in Ningbo, south of Shanghai. 

Reilly SR LLC was established in 2000 to house the various business activities of it's founder - Rod Reilly - here in the US after he moved to the US from Australia.

Rod started his first business in his parent's garage (cliche I know) while still in high school - Genesis 1:3 Lighting and Sound.  By 1977 this morphed into a real business with storefront and a new name - Trilogy.

In 1983 Trilogy purchased a majority stake in a Sydney based company that operated a manufacturing-retail-rental-install pro audio business, which at the time dominated the Houses of Worship market in the eastern half of Australia.

This new entity became The P.A. People which became and still is a major player in the pro audio business in Australia.

In 1997 Rod moved to the US, married and started a family.  He worked managing a pro-audio regional production company, managing hotel AV properties and eventually consulting to conference centers to help them better manage and staff their AV departments.

Then came the crash of 2007, and consultancy work dried up.  Back to Hotel AV, corporate AV productions and the launch of Bodymics Rentals - renting cost effective wireless microphone systems to schools etc.  This operation is now national - we will ship a system to anywhere in the continental US for a flat rental fee - anywhere.

In 2013 we started to design, manufacture and sell a range of wireless bodypack transmitter microphones that sounded good, but wouldn't break the bank.

Sales have doubled every year and we continue to add new products.

Since early 2015 we have been looking at various options to expand our offerings and many of our ideas are coming to fruition - the addition of Studiomaster to our line card provides us with an unbeleivable range of products.


Audio-USA Distributing has been set-up specifically to import and distribute pro audio products throughout the USA.

Our major product lines include Studiomaster, Bodymics, Creative by Bodymics, Mission, and Seiwin by Bodymics.

Studiomaster has been around since 1976 and produces a full range of pro audio products.

Bodymics is another Reilly SR LLC division that designs and manufactures microphones and accessories for wireless microphones systems - lavaliers, earsets, headsets, storage solutions, power solutions - supplies, battery chargers - and antenna systems - splitters, active dividers, paddle antennas.

Creative by Bodymics designs and manufactures a range of high quality super compact UHF wireless systems including our flagship CU1-8 receiver with 8 separate true diversity receivers in a single unit (1u) case with built-in antenna distribution.  Due later this year (2016).

Mission - premium bodypack microphones - blue-printed performance.  Microphones for Mission Critical Situations.

Seiwin by Bodymics - a range of mixers, 1u power amplifiers and speaker systems - including vertical line arrays, line arrays.

While we legally own the domain and we are able to register it as a business name in New Jersey, we may have to find a new name due to confusion with the importer of GTD microphones who uses the the Audio-USA moniker when selling on Amazon.