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  • 16 input 10 mic, 4 stereo
  • 3 Band EQ on all channels (swept mid on mic channels)
  • 2 Stereo sub groups 4 auxiliaries 
  • USB recording / playback 
  • High quality DSP effects 
  • First 8 mic channels feature adjustable compressor facility

A line output facility has a level control and balanced XLR & jack connectors.   This is ideal for linking to additional active cabinets or connecting to a recording device.
The three band EQ comprises HI, MID and LO controls 

Finally the master level control lets you set the volume of the GX with a PEAK led showing when signals are getting too hot!

An unusual feature of the active GX range is the ability to power an extra passive GX cabinet. This creates a simple, easy to set-up compact PA system - either stand alone or with a mixer added for extra inputs.

The GX range sets a new standard in loudspeaker performance, portability and cost.   The range comprises 10 models, 5 active (powered) and 5 passive (unpowered). 

Both types feature 10”, 12” & 15” full range cabinets and a 12” & 15” stage monitor. The strong trapezoidal shaped wooden cabinets are black carpet covered to give a stylish, durable finish while keeping weight to a minimum.   All PA cabinets and the 12' wedge contain a 35mm speaker pole socket for stand mounting and all models have tough slotted handles, making transportation easy.

The passive cabinets have a pair of industry standard "SpeakOn"TM 4 pole speaker connectors for reliable operation and the flexibility to connect to additional cabinets. 

The active range (denoted by the ‘A’ suffix in the model name) use a reliable on board bipolar amplifier matched to the custom designed loudspeaker components producing high quality sound at all volume levels.   The comprehensive preamplifier section caters for just about any application:

Input one is microphone level with its own gain control and a choice of xlr or jack socket connectors.   Input two is for line level equipment (MP3/CD/keyboard, external mixer etc) with balanced XLR & RCA phono connectors and a level control.​


GX Active Carpeted Speakers   10", 12" 15" 2 way