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Our Trade Price $499.00 per pair

  • 8 passive models to choose from 
  • All drivers are cast alluminium chassis
  • 1” throat compression drivers
  • Multiple M10 hanging points
  • High quality durable cabinet finish
  • Pitched between the JBL PRX400 and SRX800 series for quality, build and performance

TRX Passive Painted Speakers   10", 12" 15" 2 way


RANKINGS:                              TRX12               PRX412M

Sound Quality (subjective)           8                            8

Power/Max SPL                             8                            8

Top end smoothness                   8                            7

Construction                                 7                            8

Rigging Versatility                         9                           10

Size                                                8                             7

Weight/Ease of transport            8                             9

Value for Money                       10                           6


TOTAL                                           66                           63

The TRX series is a range of high performance, versatile enclosures with a massive 15 models to choose from, with both passive and active models in the range.  

All models feature cast aluminium chassis heavy duty bass transducers with large 1” throat compression drivers, packaged in a rugged hard wearing paint finish.

TRX10, 12, 15 and 15M passive and active models have multiple M10 hanging points, and the TRX10, 12 and 15 also feature 35mm pole sockets.

All models have large recessed side handles, and for total ease the larger 2x15” TRX215 comes with rear mounted castors.

The TRX range also includes 5 sub woofers - TRX15S and TRX18S are available as passive or active enclosures, while the TRX218S dual 18" sub is passive only.

Street Price $999.98 per pair


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